JAS Guitars

About JAS guitars

Building guitars for over 40 years, John Smith has established JAS Guitars to deliver custom built guitars at a reasonable price for other people to enjoy playing music on. John started his guitar building journey after his parent’s refused to buy him a guitar as they wanted him to play the piano. He then went into his dads shed and made his first guitar, and from then on the guitar building bug was established. He is now regularly producing guitars in his spare time ... and when his wife allows.



Part of the magic of a custom guitar is selecting the materials to make your guitar from. Advice can be given to achieve your desired sound or look, and a large selection of woods are available to peruse. Time can be spent looking through various woods to select the right mix of materials to get the quality instrument you want. With JAS Guitars there's a choice of woods available to choose from or specific woods can be sourced. Typical woods available include: Padauk, Wenge, American Black Walnut, Mahogany, Maple, Birds eye Maple. Fretboards are generally Ebony, but other choices such as Birds Eye maple, Rosewood and other requested woods can be provided. Specific hardware, together with Pick ups for Acoustic and Electric guitars will be agreed during the initial specification discussion.

The Process

When making a guitar the beauty is all in the details. At JAS Guitars we invite you to meet with us to discuss what your dream guitar looks, feels and sounds like. The Design of the guitar is bespoke to and no two guitars will ever be the same. We'll cover shape, woods, fretboards, marker material, Rosette, hardware (machine heads, bridge, pickups, knobs etc) fretwire, strap buttons, the finish and potentially more based on your requirements. Get in touch and we can arrange to have a meeting.